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To me, life is about being curious – when you meet people or experience situations, that may not meet your expectations or preferences, be open to what it can offer and engage positively with them. You will probably experience something fantastic.

My name is Mikkel Hougaard Orlovski. I am married to Tanja, and we have two daughters, the oldest of whom you can see in the picture below – on an adventure, investigating a merry-go-round in an abandoned amusement park. 

I studied Intercultural Psychology to understand how culture and personality is intertwined and how they influence organizations both together and separately.

I’ve added diplomas on Behavioral Design (BRO), Systemic Process Consultant (Mannaz), a range of psychometric tests (PAPI, JTI, KP Explorer, SLII, CQ) in order to fine-tune my understanding of people, culture & organizations.

My experience is focused on the development of HR departments in both public and private organizations, from introducing HR to small or mid-sized companies to heading up new HR areas such as strategic leadership advisory, cultural analysis & cultural development, leadership training, and, most importantly, introducing policies and practices around diversity, inclusion, mobility and the multicultural organization.

I look forward to hearing how I can assist creating value for your organization. 

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