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I assist your company in developing strategies and activities that ensure a diverse and inclusive corporate culture - through cultural analysis and workshops.

Build a culture that aligns with your goals and supports your employees

For the international or multicultural organization, it is important that cultural differences are taken into account at all levels in the organization. Hidden obstacles like unconscious bias may hinder an inclusive environment. I offer cultural analysis and workshops to identify and reduce these barriers. Additionally, I assist HR departments in enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) activities, achieving both immediate and long-term improvements.

Where might I assist?​


Cultural analysis:

A strong organizational culture is the key to success and innovation. Through in-depth cultural analysis, I help organizations uncover the cultural dynamics that promote or hinder the organizational development. My approach provides an action-oriented insight that can improve the relationship between employee well-being, culture, strategy and goals.

Aim of the analysis

The goal is to highlight the central cultural features in your organization through qualitative interviews with managers and key employees. I identify both strengths and areas that need improvement, which provides a balanced basis for a strategic, cultural adaptation. My approach not only illuminates the current state, but also contains advice for a sustainable and strategic cultural development. 

Why choose my cultural analysis?

Regardless of the type of business, I can give you the necessary insights to understand and build the culture you want to achieve your goals.


​With a background in intercultural psychology and extensive experience from both Danish and foreign organizations, I offer a wide selection of workshops within personal and cultural development: 

Cultural Intelligence for organizations or teams:

Understand cultural differences and use them as a strength.

Cultural intelligence for individuals:

Learn to navigate effectively, productively and positively in multicultural environments.

Intercultural management:

Development of personal competences for the manager with multicultural teams. 

Cultural psychology:

Personality or culture? Understand the connection between psychology and culture on individual behavior.


​​​I have assisted some of the leading companies in Denmark in developing a coherent and inclusive company culture.​​

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