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  • ConnectingCultures: Workshops about culture  - As associated partner to Signe Ørom, I design and facilitate workshops and talks for organizations on cultural intelligence and diversity & inclusion. Website: ConnectingCultures.dk

  • Onboarding2Denmark: Onboarding and training of new international employees - With owner Annette Juel Baunsgaard, who recruits and onboards international hires, we collaborate on building culturally inclusive organizations to receive the new international recruits in the best way possible. Website: onboarding2dk.com

  • Psykolog Hanne Voldby: Outplacement session - With my former colleague Hanne, we offer outplacement services primarily for academics who find themselves in the challenging situation of having to find new work at a point in time in their life, where stability, predictability and sometimes even identity, is challenged. Website: villakulla.org

  • Kjerullf og Partner: Management development - With partner Kristjan Jul Houmann, we designed a workshop around intercultural leadership integrated into his session around personal leadership development. Website: https://www.kjerulf-partnere.dk/

  • Cultural Intelligence Center: Bias training and culture training - As associate trainer, I facilitate workshops on Cultural Intelligence and Unconscious Bias, both for short-term open sessions and for long-term clients across Europe. Website: CulturalQ.com

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