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  • Interventions such as workshops, talks, advisory on topics of cultural differences, cultural intelligence, gender diversity, diversity & inclusion, HR’s role in inclusive organizational cultures. Time line: From hours to days.
  • Project based consultancy for assistance with rolling out activities, strategies or policies or short-term initiatives such as recruitment, onboarding, or development of diverse employees and/or HR and leadership of multicultural or diverse organizations. Time line: From days to weeks.
  • Interim consultancy on strategic HR partner level for longer term development of leadership programs, organizational readiness, development of value based leadership and much more. Time line: From weeks to months.

​Organizations without internal HR

I will be your external HR Partner, assisting with developing and implementing diversity and inclusion in your employee activities such as recruitment, engagement, development, leadership training, and much more. 

Organization​s with a small operational HR presence

I assist with re-focusing existing activities, policies and practices to ensure a culture of diversity and inclusion, working with, and developing, the local HR staff to implement and sustain the changes in the future.

Organization​s with a local HR department

I assist with co-developing internal training programs, recruitment and onboarding practices, and D&I strategies and action plans in collaboration with the local HR community. 

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